User Day

User Day @ ManoMano

We had a Hack Day event organised by ManoMano to understand how our clients (buyers and sellers) use our platform.

The goal was to gather insights and find ways to improve the user experience.

The day was divided into different activities:

  • Group formation
  • Introduction to the context
  • Ideation process to improve usability
  • Pitching the ideas

Group Formation

At the beginning, we were divided into groups and sent into different rooms with two coaches (UX designers/researchers). It seems that the groups were already created with randomly selected people before the start of the event.

Introduction to the context

Each group was given a real-life usability issue. For example, my group was given the problem that arises when sellers on our platform do not abide to our quality rules. The given sellers could have their account suspended if no actions were taken on their side.

Ideation process to improve usability

Different workshops took place to understand why the sellers did not respect the quality rules and to help them achieve a good experience on our platform instead of penalizing them. We wanted to have a more caring (one of our core values) approach towards the sellers.

Some ideas we came up with:

  • Gamification: rewards for achieving quality goals.
  • Interactive tutorial: when first arriving on the platform, activate a tour of the different actions that can be carried out and warn about the pitfalls that can arise which can lead to breaking the rules.
  • Warn if a rule is about to be broken if a given action is to be carried out.
  • Provide visual information to the user (graphs).
  • Using machine learning to help in avoiding breaking the rules.

Pitching Ideas

After collecting ideas, refining and structuring them, every team was asked to pitch for 15 minutes in turn.

It was a rich experience and it was fun to see teams come up with innovative ideas and creative methods to pitch them.