Ubuntu Installation

Linux Installation

I don't remember the last time I installed an operating system on a computer. What I remembered though is that I struggled with installing Debian at that time (which either means it was a long time ago or I was very new to IT, or both).

I have an old laptop that has started to collect dust and was very slow since its update to Windows 10. I decided to make a fresh install of Ubuntu on it to see how it behaves. The following are the different steps I took to install the OS:

  • Create a bootable USB using Rufus on Windows.
  • Use the latest stable version of Ubuntu as image for Rufus.
  • Plug USB on old laptop.
  • Restart computer and configure boot options (HP: tap F10 and change order of boot, save and exit).
  • Follow installation instructions.

The installation completed without any issues. Although the laptop takes a quite long time to boot, it seems to run smooth enough for its age.

[UPDATE] 2023-03-26

The Ubuntu distribution installed was consuming more resources than the laptop could handle. So I decided to find another alternative and after googling, I discovered Linux Lite which could be a better fit. Also, I stumbled upon etcher which can be used to flash OS images on USB. I decided to give it a try and install Linux Lite in place of Ubuntu.