AI et al.

Artificial Intelligence

The fields of AI are giving outstanding results lately. I'm going to talk about two systems that I played a bit with, one which creates realistic images from a natural language description, and another which generates code on-demand and which also raises questions about its usage.

Experimenting With DALL-E

DALL-E provides an API to generate impressively accurate images from a given description. It is not only limited to image generations as it also provides other APIs to generate text and code given a user prompt.

An example of image generation using DALL-E preview application using the prompt tinkering with dall-e is given below. The more precise the description, the more accurate is the generation of the images. You can also create variations from the originally generated images.

Tinkering with DALL-E

Be My Copilot?

Github Copilot is an AI system which suggests code and entire functions in real-time. It surely could give a pre-baked solution quickly (rather than going on stackoverflow, etc.) but would you trust copilot in writing code for you? This article sheds some light on how to approach this question with a critical mind by taking into account:

  • licensing and copyright issues that can arise.
  • potential security issues; as of today, copilot doesn't seem to be able to detect any security flaws in its "copy-paste" code.
  • the process of code review; which part is actually written by the developer versus which part is generated by copilot.

In my opinion, copilot is promising and is opening new paths to coding. However, it also raises concerns that should be addressed before seeing its full potential.